What is Reboot Tapping?

reboot tapping points
reboot tapping points

I started out with traditional EFT, but kept on hearing that it was too complicated and took too long. After using traditional EFT for some time, I stumbled upon Robert Smith’s FasterEft. To say that I was intrigued is an understatement. Suddenly EFT made sense on a different level. So over time my colleague and I gradually introduced our own version of tapping based on As we did not take any of Robert’s courses we could not call it FasterEFT. With my interest in computers we ended up calling it “Reboot Tapping” because just as with a computer after an upgrade you are often called to reboot. Tapping is effecting a reboot to your operating system, your brain for the new version to run.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is emotion based, but I kept on getting lost in my head by trying to figure out what I had to say. FasterEFT did not care about what to say or why I had a problem, but wanted me to focus on how my problem made me feel. FasterEFT also uses fewer tapping points and does away with the Karate Chop setup all together. So Reboot Tapping became the protocol we use.

Reboot Tapping is a emotion based and memory centered tapping technique that is fast and simple. It is non-invasive and easy to learn, anyone can do it and it can be used for anything. The best part is that it is just as effective if it is done virtually by imagining tapping on the tapping points and saying the word in your head, rather than out loud and it doesn’t matter if you believe it will work or not. It just works.

The Reboot Tapping Protocol

Reboot Tapping Instructions

Reboot Tapping Protocol Text Version


  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on your problem. How do you know you have the problem? Feel it (image, sensation, sounds) Stay in tune with it and make it as strong as you can.
  • Rate the intensity from 0-10 (0=gone, 10=big problem)
  • Picture in your hand a bunch of balloons. Notice the colors, shape and size. Now let go of the balloons and see them float up and away.
  • When they have all disappeared from you view open your eyes.


reboot tapping points
reboot tapping points

Tap each of the Meridian Tapping Points 1-3 times and say:
“Release and let go”

The Reboot Tapping Points

  • BE – Between Eyes
  • SE – Side of Eye
  • UE – Under Eye
  • CB – Collar Bone
reboot tapping grab wrist

Grab your wrist with opposite hand and squeeze and say:

  • “It’s safe now to let it go”
  • Take a deep breath in and
  • blow it out
  • Say: “Peace”
  • Let go of your wrist
  • Rate your intensity again.
  • Has it changed?
  • Repeat tapping until intensity is 0

I would love to hear from you and your experience with Reboot Tapping.

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  1. Thank you, I feel a big relief, I will keep practicing it until a master this technique. Blessings.

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