Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life

Yesterday I read Carol Tuttle’s post about money on Facebook and how we often say “I can’t afford it”. Well, by saying that we are focusing on our lack, so Carol’s remedy is to replace that phrase with “It’s a good thing I’m rich”. I really liked this and created this reminder postcard.

I am rich

Then I found that Carol created a short video with a tapping sequence to change our outlook even more. She calls it 2 Steps to create instant wealth. I found this video really helpful and jotted down the tapping phrases, so that I could do the exercise daily.

With 2 fingers of your left hand tap around your left ear and say:

I am no longer fearing that there is not enough
I am no longer believing I can’t have enough
I am no long believing I can’t afford it
I am no longer giving money all the power
I am no longer in lack

Now switch to the right hand and use 2 fingers to tap around your right ear and say:

I am enough
I am creating enough money
I am experiencing wealth now
I am receiving my infinite supply of money
I am worth it
I am receiving an abundance of money
I am grateful

Do this daily and see what happens.

On the video she added a bonus 3rd step by adding the chakras in the mix. She says that personal worth is centered in the solar plexus chakra.

Imagine it as a flower bud and take both hands and place them over the chakra and then slowly pull them to the sides to open the flower and say or think: “I am worth it” 3 times then repeat.

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