LCHF – Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle

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What is LCHF the (LowCarb – HighFat) lifestyle and why should you care?

With an epidemic of obesity and diabetes sweeping the world, I decided to take a closer look to find out what is actually happening.

How many of us are still cooking from scratch when it is so much easier to buy prepared meals. Those prepared meals are exactly the cause of many of the health problems we face today.

This is to start you off with some links to sites, Facebook Pages and Groups and YouTube videos about eating low carb high fat for a healthier you.

I will add more information as time allows.

Low Carb Keto Articles

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Low Carb Videos

Out of the thousands of videos, I have added the most pertinent ones
to the posts from the doctors I follow.
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Low Carb Facebook Pages and Groups

Out of the Facebook Pages and groups, I have gathered a list of groups
that I find most helful for diabetics and weightloss.
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Low Carb Sites

Out of the thousands of sites online, I have collected the sites that
I find most helpful for diabetics weightloss.
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