Yoga Poses for Constipation

14 Yoga Poses For Relieving Constipation

By Jen Miller from the SF YogaMag

I was asked by Jen to post a link to this article on my website and finally got around to it. To peek your interest I made a list of all the poses and added the picture of how they look.

I strongly recommend that you go to the website for all the details of how to do the poses and the modifications.

The Poses

  1. Wind Removing Pose
  2. Seated Supine Twist
  3. Supine twist
  4. Plow Pose
  5. Crescent Twist
  6. Revolved Triangle Pose
  7. Twisted Chair Pose
  8. Locust Pose
  9. Bow Pose
  10. Sphinx Pose
  11. Cobra Pose
  12. Upward Facing Dog
  13. Puppy Dog Pose
  14. Seated Forward Bend
yoga poses for constipaction

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