The Importance of “When You Eat” Vs What You Eat

when you eat is just as important as what you eat

I am familiar with the Chinese Body Clock and intermittent fasting, so I was surprised when I came across this TED Talk by Emily Manoogian that gives a similar take on when to eat.

When I first was diagnosed with Diabetes I was told that I can’t fast as I have to make sure to keep my blood sugar level. That along with other things that only increased my blood sugar level. I no longer follow those rules.

I am now on the keto low carb high fat way of eating. It is not a diet for me, it is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. That means I limit carbs to 20g or less of carbs a day and practice intermittent fasting.

I eat my breakfast around 7:30 am and my supper at 5:30 pm and for the inbetween time I only drink water. That gives me a 10 hour eating window and a 14 hour fasting window.

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