Walking As Exercise

Oathill Lake
photo by Marlies Cohen

Living by a very scenic lake with a walking path around it. Hubby and I take a daily (weather permitting) STROLL around the lake at 3pm. I helps me find solutions without really thinking about the problem. It seems that’s just how it works.

When I feel like it and the weather good my morning walk is at exercise pace around the lake.

After over 5 years of doing yoga exercises at home indoors, I started looking for an alternative exercise. My YouTube search lead me to walking at home channels. That was just what I was looking when the weather was inclement.

After trying different videos, I settled on “Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone“. Leslie’s style involves the whole body and gives you a great workout. Leslie might not be everybody’s cup of tea. She has that Italian American temperament and makes the work out fun.

After this mornings workout I discovered why my mother yanked me from ballet class after the Christmas performance in Grade 1. She said that my performance made her cringe as I was like an elephant in a china store. I guess she meant that I just did not have the coordination. Today I realized that she was right. I find it difficult to coordinate my legs and arms. Who cares, I still have fun.

Heart Healthy 1 Mile Walk

This exercise is 18 minutes long.

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