The Traditional EFT Tapping Sequence

Meridian Tapping is non-invasive and easy to learn, anyone can do it and it can be used for anything. The best part is that it is just as effective if it is done virtually by imagining tapping on the tapping points and saying the word in your head, rather than out loud.

The Basic Shortcut Recipe is as follows:

karate chop
karate chop


Repeat the affirmation 3 times:
“Even though I have this (name the problem)
I deeply and completely accept myself”
While continuously tapping the karate chop point


The Reminder Phrase is simply a word or a short phrase that describes the problem that you repeat out loud each time you tap one of the points in the Sequence.


The Tapping Points
The Tapping Points

Tap about 5-7 times each of the Meridian Tapping Points, starting at the top of the head while repeating the Reminder Phrase at each point.

TH – top of the head
EB – Eyebrow
SE – Side of Eye
UE – Under Eye
UN – Under Nose
Ch – Chin
CB – Collar Bone
UA – Under Arm
BN – Bellow Nipple (this is an optional point)

Download the PDF Flyer with the Basic Tapping Sequence

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