The Scary Seven Ingredients to Avoid When Shopping

Shopping for healthy food is difficult enough without all that extra stuff that is currently used, but then when you look more closely you discover that to keep food production costs at a reasonable level, the basics have been replaced with artificial ingredients.

I clearly remember when convenience foods first came on the market they were like homemade foods, but came pre-made and tasted like homemade. Now, with all the substitutions the food does not taste the same any more, ingredients are not natural and instead of being good for you it can have the opposite effect.

Read the ingredients when you purchase cookies for example, when it says high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar you can be sure that you will not find that cookie satisfying and will want to eat more.

Maybe it is time for us to become more informed about the benefits and side effects of convenience foods. Have a look at the infographic below.

the scary seven
the scary seven

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