The Low Carb High Fat Way of Eating Is Not New

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Just because the low carb high fat way of living is suddenly in the news does not mean that it is a new fad. Actually once something starts to make news headlines, it is no longer new. It just has bubbled up to the top.

LCHF has quite a history and then I came across this article that gives some background on how long the way of eating has been around.

6 Facts About LCHF

  1. It Has Been Around For at Least One and a Half Century
  2. Atkins’s First Book Was Published in 1972, Way Before The Low-Fat Guidelines Came Out
  3. Entire Populations Have Thrived on Such a Diet, in Excellent Health
  4. More Than 20 Randomized Controlled Trials Have Been Published
  5. People Are Able to Stick to it Better Than The Low-Fat Diet
  6. Many Health Professionals Use Them in Their Practice

People stick with this way of eating for a number of reasons. My personal reason is to control my blood sugar and it is working. Some people use it to lose weight, which was quite unexpected for me, but I am more than happy about it.

When I first looked into this way of eating, I discovered that is quite widespread in South Africa and restaurants even serve low carb high fat meals. So it took over 2 years to be talked about in Canada and the US media.

To learn more read the full article here.

Here are a few more articles that give you some background information.

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