The Difference Between EFT and Faster EFT Explained

FasterEft Tapping Points

I started out with traditional EFT and got results. The one thing that bugged me the most about traditional EFT was the time it took to get through the setup statement at times. Many people said that they would do EFT themselves, if they just knew what to say in the setup statement.

Then one day I came across Faster EFT and I knew I was on to something. This really was fast and I did not have to figure out the setup statement any longer.

BE – Between the eyes
SE – Side of eye
UE – Under eye
CB – Collar bone

When I came across a document that gives a great explanation of the differences between the two styles of tapping I just had to share it.

Open and read the PDF file now:


  1. Jamiela Braun

    Dear Mia,

    Please send me information on how to become a qualified F.EFT therapist.
    Ive been tapping for a few years now, and have a huge challenge with finding the right words to say while tapping on the points.

    Thank you

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