Why Do I Have Skin Tags?
How To Stop Them From Appearing?

what are skin tags and why do it get them

Skin tags are most often found on the neck or armpits and if you are one of the people who keeps on getting these darn things and don’t know why, then you might find this post helpful.

Have you repeatedly gone to the doctor to have them removed, but they keep on coming back? There is a reason for this.

OK, why do you have skin tags? They are caused by what you eat, especially sugar and processed carbs. They are caused by insulin. It is the hormone that regulates your blood sugar. It is anabolic and the growth factor that makes the skin tags grow and the reason they keep on growing back unless you make a change the way you eat.

It means that you suffer from insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

Skin tags are the result of eating a diet high in sugar and carbs and frequent snacking. To have them simply disappear start by cutting all sugars from your diet.

Give it a try for a week

Next, in addition of sugar cut out all carbs: flour, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and below the ground vegetables.

Keep that up for another week to a month and see what happens.

Check out these video for more detail

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