SE #6: How EFT Works

The sixth Self Empowerment YouTube video in the series by David Childerley from

This video segment has no tapping demo, but explains very nicely how EFT works. For EFT tapping points and the basic tapping sequence check out my cue cards.

Here are a few key points from the video for future reference:

  • All energy channels around our body are connect to each other
  • The process of focusing our thoughts on the problem we want to clear while tapping  with the intention to release that block, enables the unconscious to get the signal that we are ready to move on and ready to leave things in the past where they should be.
  • EFT works on basis that negative emotions and health problems create energy blocks that can be released with EFT.
  • EFT is an external tool just like NLP or meditation or visualisation. They help us focus and connect to within.
  • The Negative Setup Point:
    Even though I have this back pain, I am ok.’
    Then tap the sequence: ‘this back pain’
  • Stimulating acupuncture points is a form of self meditation.
  • The chin connects to the past and brings it into the now.
    Tap longer on this point to release the problem
  • The underarm point is the spleen meridian and connects to the stomach meridian.
  • Make sure to drink water after tapping to re-energize the body and to flush out toxins released by tapping.
  • If you feel nothing after tapping your are not allowing yourself to forgive and let go.
  • It does not matter which hand you use.

Note by Marlies: I  have found this following way quite helpful:

Start with your dominant hand for one round, switch to the other hand and do a third round with both hands tapping in an alternate rhythm, ie don’t tap with both hands in the same rhythm.

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