Natural Way to Help Your Kid Release: Anger, Frustration, Sadness and More

acupressure - tapping

I came across this helpful idea at the Palace of Possibilities Facebook page.

Here’s a simple yet very effective way to help your kiddo release anger, frustration, sadness and more.

When it’s bedtime and you tuck him/her in, sit beside and ask: “Please tell me first about the bad things that happened to you or you felt through the day and then tell me about the good things that happened, ok? While you tell me I’ll gently tap on you!”

Then, while they tell you everything that happened you gently tap on the points you see in the picture or just hold the points gently or even kiss them!

It’s a win-win situation:

Your kid will fall asleep and visit dreamland real quickly with no emotional charge! It’s a wonderful, loving experience for the parent as well!

So, happy tapping.

Much love,

reboot tapping points
reboot tapping points

BE – between the eyes
SE – side of eye
UE – under eye
CB – collar bone
Wrist – hold the wrist in your hand

squeeze wrist
squeeze wrist

After tapping all the points, start between the eyes again and keep on tapping until your child has
stopped talking.

Tap each point 3-4 times starting between the eyes


Just because it says to use it with your child does not mean that you can’t use it on yourself.
Give it a try and you might just get a pleasant surprise and a wonderful night’s sleep.

Let me know how if and how it worked for you by leaving a comment?

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