Not Perfectly Happy Yet Tapping Script Cue Card

I belonged to a weekly EFT tapping group at EFT Atlantic and Al Rodee always uses this tapping script. So it was a small step to create a cue card for it.

It is now almost 10 years later and I no longer use traditional EFT, but a version of FasterEFT which I call Reboot Tapping (this link will show where to tap). It only uses the eyebrow, outside edge, under the eye and the collarbone points.

not perfectly happy yet

Tapping Script

You can use it on the all the EFT points of on the Reboot Tapping points.

  • I am perfect in my imperfection
  • My blood and Chi are flowing smoothly.
  • I am filled with peace and joy.
  • I am free of pain and illness
  • I am blessed with good fortune

Repeat this as many times as you feel guided to.

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