Need Help Letting Go?

You know it is time to let, but you don’t know how.
Affirmations are great, but there has to be something else to help it along.

let go

That’s when tapping can comes to the rescue.

Are you ready to give it a try? Read these instructions and follow along and let go!

FasterEft Tapping Points

Notice how you know and feel that you are ready to let go.
Tap each of the points and say the words in red
Between the Eyes – Let it go
Side of Eye – It’s OK to let it go
Under Eye – It’s safe to let it go
Collar Bone – Just let it go

reboot tapping grab wrist

Now grab your wrist with the opposite hand and take a deep breath in
and then blow it out and say PEACE

Recall a ‘Happy Memory’ and enjoy it.
OK, it time to check your problem again, have you let go?
Repeat the process until you feel that you have let go

Also check out this post with a video from my friend Marina about letting go.

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