Manage Your Emotions By Holding Your Fingers

Who could have imagined that by holding your fingers with your opposite hand you could manage your emotions. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling back asleep, that’s the time to Give this simple calming technique a try. By the time you are done with both hands you will have nodded off peacefully and it is morning.


This practice is a simple way to work with emotions by holding each finger. Emotions and feelings are like waves of energy moving through the body and mind. Through each finger runs a channel or meridian  of energy connected with an organ system and related emotions. With strong or overwhelming feelings, energy can become blocked or repressed, resulting in pain or congestion in the body. Holding each finger while breathing deeply can bring emotional and physical release and healing.

The fingerholds are a very helpful tool to use in daily life. In difficult or challenging situations when tears, anger or anxiety arise, the fingers may be held to bring peace, focus and calm so that the appropriate response or action may be taken. The practice may also be done for relaxation with music, or used before going to sleep to release the problems of the day and to bring deep peace to body and mind. The practice may be done on oneself or on another person. 

The Fingerhold Practice:

Hold each finger with the opposite hand 2-5 minutes. You can work with either hand. Breathe in deeply; recognize and acknowledge the strong or disturbing feelings or emotions you hold inside yourself.  Breathe out slowly and let go.  Imagine the feelings draining out your finger into the earth.  Breathe in a sense of harmony, strength and healing. And breathe out slowly, releasing past feelings and problems.  

Often as you hold each finger, you can feel a pulsing sensation as the energy and feelings move and become balanced. You can hold the fingers of someone else who is angry or upset. The fingerholds are very helpful for young children who are crying or having a tantrum, or can be used with people who are very fearful, anxious, sick or dying. 


Thumb     Emotional Pain, Sadness, Grief, Tear
Index Finger
     Fear, Terror
Middle Finger
     Anger, Rage, Resentment
Ring Finger
     Anxiety, Worry, Preoccupation
Small Finger
     Lack of Self-esteem, Victimhood,


For a different perspective on how holding your fingers works check out this article:

The mnemonic device to help you remember which attitude goes with each finger is “Get rid of Worry FAST!”
To put this device to good use,
start with your Thumb for Worry.
Then spell out F-A-S-T with each subsequent finger.
F-Fear – index finger
A-Anger – middle finger
S-Sadness and Grief – ring finger
T-Try to and Pretense (the fear of not being accepted) – small finger

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