Ketogenic Diet Tidbits

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This is an ongoing list and more information will be added as I stumble on it.

Keto Diet Information Snippets

  • Always read the ingredients when buying keto foods. Do this every time, even if you haved used the product before. The producers have a tendency to change the formulation.
  • Keto is not about losing weight. It is about gaining health. Losing weight is a side effect of bein healthy.
  • Net carbs get you in trouble.
  • Never consume keto alternatives like keto bread etc.
  • You goal is to consume as few carbs as possible. The closer you get to 0 carbs, the better for you.
  • All alternative sweeteners will raise your blood sugar and stop your fast, but you will stay in keto.

Specific Foods

  • Bacon has 0 grams of carbs and minimal sugar

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