Is Salt Really the Villain it is Made out to Be?


Is salt really the villain it is made out to be? That depends. Too much of anything isn’t good for you and that also goes for salt, but not enough can also be detrimental, you have to strike a balance.

What kind of salt should you use? I prefer sea salt rather than iodized salt, but ultimately it is your decision.

I am always surprised when I see people pouring salt on their food without even having tried it first for taste.

In some recipes salt is essential to get the results you want. You can always reduce the amount of the recipe to suit your needs.

When it comes to vegetables eating them without seasoning lets you experience their full flavor, if at that point you don’t really like them then add some seasoning to make them more appetizing.

When reducing your salt drastically your food will not taste right, after some time your taste-buds will adjust and you will find that the amount you used to take over poweringly salty. To help you make up your mind about the benefits or detriments of salt, read as much information as you can find and then decide for yourself. You will know with what information you will resonate or not. Also listen to your body and experiment, don’t just blindly follow other people’s advice. Every body reacts differently to salt.

Do you know that salt and water can give you relieve for an asthma attack or maybe even prevent it? Check out this helpful article and video.

This info-graphic gives some helpful and historic information about salt.

the benefits of salt
the benefits of salt

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