Is Chocolate Low Carb – Should You Eat It?

Swiss mini chocolate

Growing up in Switzerland eating chocolate was just a way of life. A school snack was a crunchy bread roll and a row of a Swiss chocolate bar. Yummy.

But what do I do now that I am on a low-carb diet? Not having any chocolate at all, left me feel deprived.

Swiss mini chocolates from Costco

Long before I came across the video above, I decided that I could have just a little chocolate for the taste of it. My favorite chocolate has always been dark chocolate and I knew that the darker the chocolate the less sugar it contained.

One day while shopping at Costco I came across this huge 1.3 kg bag of the of dark – 72% Swiss miniature chocolates and could not resist buying them.

Well, one mini chocolate gives me 4 mini portions. Each little piece is only about 1 carb. I am perfectly happy with just a small taste.

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