Increase Your Intuition with Acupressure

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Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Have you’ve heard others tell you that they trust their intuition? Do you think it really works or that it is just mumbojumbo? My intuition is like my compass or GPS. I feel a resonance that I learned to trust.

You might hear it like an inner voice or just a special feeling. When I want to buy something and have a hard time deciding, it is like the item is talking to me.

Do you know that you can increase your intuition with accupressure (tapping). I came across this simple tip from Carol Tuttle in my Facebook stream and just had to share it.

Technique and Affirmation

Use this to help you increase your intuition.
While tapping on the middle of your forehead, (Your Intuitive Chakra)
Repeat this sentence six times

“I am opening my intuitive guidance
and follow it”

third eye intuition tapping

Just recently I became aware of this interesting article explains why you should trust your gut.

If you are wondering how else you can increase your intuition, check out these books with Intuition Tips at Amazon or would like to talk to me then contact me.

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