Healing Properties of Bananas

I am still collecting all kinds of helpful information about food and just want to share this article that showed up in my Facebook stream from: Homesteading Self Sufficiency Survival

banana - photo credit: Marlies Cohen
banana – photo credit: Marlies Cohen
  • Bananas are filled with mood-boosting serotonin that improves your mood and helps you stave off depression.
  • They’re also great for weight loss because they are high in fiber, filled with nutrients, and they are low calorie.
  • Bananas provide lasting energy and are a wonderful source of carbs (sugar). And will keep you going in a workout for many hours!
  • Bananas are RICH in potassium. What does potassium do? It helps the body’s circulatory system efficiently deliver oxygen to the brain (important!!) – this helps to boost brain power, and help you function much better
  • Bananas promote BOWEL health – They help with reducing constipation and diarrhea.
  • Bananas contain TRYPTOPHAN – a mood regulating substance that contains a level of protein that helps relax the mind so you feel happier (people suffering from depression feel better after eating bananas)
  • Bananas help ease menstrual pain! (for the ladies)
  • Bananas contain B6 which helps to regulate blood glucose levels!
  • Bananas can help people stop smoking!! B vitamins and other minerals they contain reduce the physical and psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal.
  • Bananas help to combat morning sickness – calms the nerves.
  • Banana peels (on the inside) help to relieve bug bites – like mosquito bites (just rub it on your bite).
  • Bananas help soothe ulcers – they reduce the acidity in the stomach that some foods can leave in the stomach. Since they help to neutralize acidity, they are also a great way to get rid of heartburn. They act as a natural antacid and they quickly soothe the burn.
  • Bananas help reduce the irritation of the digestive system by leaving a protective coating around the inner walls, making it a natural way to promote intestinal health too!
  • Bananas are RICH in IRON – If you are anemic, eat lots of bananas! They also help promote hemoglobin production so your blood can clot faster in case of a cut or serious injury.
  • Bananas can also benefit your garden. Instead of throwing the peels away, banana peels are ideal fertilizer for gardens and soils.
  • If you have a wart on your foot, wrapping a banana peel around your foot so that the exterior of the peel rubs against the wart will help it go away in a matter of time.

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