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messed up relationship

FasterEFT just started to offer a new course to help you with relationships. It’s called: My Family messed me up. On this page you will find detailed information about the course.

Whether it is your relationship with yourself or your family or your friends, you know when something is not right. You can’t change others, but you can change yourself. Now, how do you go about making changes to yourself?

Over time you have developed habits and patterns that now are difficult to break. Running away from the difficult sitation, however, will not be effective in the long term.

I once explained to one of my daughters, when she complained that after a move the she still had the same problems. The main reason for it is, that whatever it is, she is also there. We are often the cause, even if we deny it.

Things will only change when you find the real cause. This course will allow you, at your own pace, explore the root causes for your problems.

My Family Messed Me Up!!
Relationship Online Course

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