FasterEFT for Anxiety Disorders

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When you are stuck in the middle of an anxiety attack and wish you could just make it stop, is there a way to do that?

Meridian tapping and especially FasterEFT is one way I found that you can use to interrupt the anxiety signals so that you can calm down again.

Check out this video by Robert Smith founder of FasterEFT

Intrigued by the video? Read the full article with detailed instructions here.

The most important part for this to work is notice where you feel the panic/anxiety attack in your body and how you are reacting to the tension this creates. It is also helpful to rate the intensity (1 pretty low, 10 extreme) of the reaction so that you will have something to compare when you feel an improvement.

Check out this short video of what an anxiety attack is.

FasterEFT is the most amazing way to help yourself and no tools are needed. Discover how you can heal your own body with this 4 DVD set or try the 7 steps to happiness DVD to follow along.

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