Simple Drug-free Technique to Deal with a Headache


Give this simple drug-free technique to deal with a headache a try and learn that drugs are not always the necessary way to deal with a problem.

About a year ago I discovered Inna Segal and her book “The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness and have been applying her technique to amazing and delightful results. So, when a few days ago Inna shared her simple technique for dealing with a headache in Facebook I just had to share it.

Here are the instructions in her word:

I have had people asking me about headaches lately, so thought I would share the following below. Remember that this is not a replacement for any other form of treatment, but some ideas to explore and play with.

Most headaches are caused by stress, shock and emotional overwhelm. There is too much going on and your head cannot cope with the myriad of thoughts running through it.

You are putting too much pressure on yourself to get things done, which is causing you to feel tired, out of control and critical.

When things are not going the way we want it is easy to become judgmental, aggressive and dis-empowered. You may feel angry with your partner and co-worker and blame them for not doing what they are meant to or not being supportive. However this is an opportunity to reflect back on yourself and check whether you are being too demanding, stressed and unreasonable.

You have an opportunity to slow down, take deep breaths and find your center. You may need to be more organized but also flexible. If you know that you can’t do something and it’s going to stress you out, just say no.

Otherwise you may have a propensity to invalidate yourself, sabotage your progress and become too serious about life. Remember to enjoy, relax and have fun.

Processes for headaches

  • Look at your left hand from the back, press the left side of your ring finger near the base of your nail, while taking slow deep breaths in and out. Visualize yellow rays of light moving into your head and releasing any pain, pressure, tension or feelings of anger, stuckness or stress. Repeat the word clear several times.
  • Look at the palm of your right hand, massage the right side of your wrist, just below your thumb – This also helps with low blood pressure. Say: Divine Healing Intelligence, I ask you to release any overwhelm, stress, pressure anger or negativity from my head, neck and jaw.
  • Repeat the word ‘Clear’ several times until you feel lighter.
  • You can also massage your temples with middle fingers, while taking slow deep breaths in and out, visualizing yellow rays of light like sunlight dissolving the pain and repeating – the word ‘Clear’.

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