Dr. Carol Look’s Top 10 Tapping Tips

Another keeper for my library from Carol Look

Hi Everyone,

Spend some quality time with this one. Dr. Carol Look has given us 10+ innovative ways to approach the tapping process. They provide creative avenues and add some fun to the process.

Hugs, Gary

I found this article very helpful to learn EFT and as reference material. So, I downloaded it and formatted it as a PDF file* to be printed in notesize format (5.5×8.5 inches).

  • My PDF version of 10 Tapping Tips (14 pages)
  • The original article at Gary Craig’s Site

*Note: I created the PDF files in notesize format so that I could save on paper when printing. There are options on printing 2 pages per sheet in the PDF reader programs. How to do it depends on the PDF reader you are using. I use the free Foxit Reader and have to tell my printer to print in landscape.

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