What Is the Difference Between EFT and FasterEFT?

There is traditional EFT and FasterEFT, but what is the difference between the two?

traditional EFT vs FasterEFT Tapping Points

As a lay person it is not easy to figure it out as each side presents claims to their method’s validity. Actually neither is better or worse. Just like everybody has different tastes in food or clothes, this also goes for EFT. The best method to use is the one you feel the most comfortable with regardless of what somebody else says.

This helpful and interesting comparison [ PDFdocument by Mia Doucet ] was just updated and it gives you a 7 point explanation of the differences and why you should give FasterEFT a try.

Mia Doucet is a certified FasterEFT Practitioner Level III.
Her specialty is working with people who have tried everything and not had results on their own.
You can reach Mia by email or through her website: Faster EFT Practitioner


  1. This article by Mia Doucet describes the differences between “FasterEFT” and EFT as seen by a “FasterEFT” practitioner and based on Robert Smith’s very incorrect interpretations of EFT.

    • I believe that everybody has a right to their beliefs and if it works for them, then there is no harm. And sometimes we change our mind and that is OK also.

      • I agree entirely with that.
        I am simply pointing out that this article is by no means a balanced account of the differences between EFT and “FasterEFT” and that much of the information about EFT is false. It’s like comparing a Ford and a Mazda by means of an article that was written by a Mazda salesman.

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