Dietary Guidelines That Work!

dietary guidelines that work
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When I think back to my youth in Switzerland there were very few obese people. Then about 20 years ago when my mom came to visit Canada she always commented on how many “big” people there were here. Now it seems to have increased even more.

Why would that happen? I think it has to do with the way we eat. All the foods that we can buy premade isn’t healthy. They are full of sugar and starch.

As a Diabetic I had to drastically change my way of eating. I started following these guidelines long before I saw this video. I have cut out sugar and carbs, all the white stuff and my weight has just fallen off without heavy workouts. I now fit into clothes I had not be able to wear since before I had kids 40 years ago.

Dr Priyanka Wali gave this talks at the 2020 Dietary Guideline Committee. She is a physician from California who specializes in obesity medicine. In this short 3 minute talk she explains why she thinks that the current dietary guidelines are a joke.

Dr Priyanka Wali at the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee 2nd Meeting


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