Change Your Feelings and Change the Way Others Respond to You

This article is not directly about tapping, but about energy. We are all energetically connected to each other and if we can change the energy we project we can indirectly change the way we effect others .The easiest way to change your energy is with Reboot Tapping.

I came across this article on John Smallman’s Blog. It appeared on February 16/2011.

If you change any of your beliefs, feelings, or attitudes it alters the effect you have on others and how they respond to you.

02/16/2011 by John Smallman

As humans expand their awareness of the need for major changes in their attitudes towards one another — from defiant belligerence and distrust to acceptance and a willingness to learn to understand each other — the immediate effects will be most gratifying. As your attitudes become less suspicious and defensive, so will those of the people with whom you interact. Your underlying expectancy of hostility or threat from others will weaken, and you will find that you can “let your guard down” as you understand that others are truly not out to get the better of you, but in fact wish to cooperate fruitfully with you. Initially it may seem almost too good to be true, but as you grow accustomed to it you will find your stress levels falling as you experience unaccustomed acceptance and safety in environments that previously, if not positively threatening, were definitely rather unwelcoming. You will be amazed at the marvelous results your attitudinal changes will bring about.

What you believe, how you feel, and the attitudes you espouse directly affect the personal energy field which surrounds you, and this in turn impinges on and affects the energy fields of those with whom you interact. Consequently, if you change any of your beliefs, feelings, or attitudes it alters the effect you have on others and how they respond to you. Modern psychology informs you of this and offers guidance on relationships that not only helps individuals but also groups, corporations, religious communities, political parties, and nations. Generally speaking the larger the groups using these skills and techniques, the more self-serving they become, as people tend to identify with members of one particular group over another.

Nevertheless, each one of you, by adjusting your attitudes from suspicion and mistrust to acceptance and a willingness to understand and cooperate with one another, is changing the group dynamic all over the world, and this can be seen happening in many group interactions and negotiations.

Do not buy into the doom, gloom, danger, and protection racket which is used to encourage and maintain fear and mistrust, because it effects your energy fields very negatively, causing others to feel threatened by you. Instead, focus intently on your desire to be as God created you: loving peaceful presences, and intend to share and extend that energy at all times — then enjoy the positive results it brings into your lives.

There will, of course, still be negative and unpleasant experiences, because many people do live in fear and on the defensive, ready to attack at a moment’s notice. Be compassionate and ask for spiritual guidance (always readily available) when these kinds of situations arise, and then respond appropriately instead of being drawn back into these painful games that the illusion supports and encourages to maintain itself.

Humanity’s intent is to move out of the illusion and into Reality, and each one of you has your own essential, individual part to play in this momentous event, because by playing your part you make it happen.

Each one of you can only change yourself from being fearful to being loving, but by doing so you demonstrate to all with whom you interact that it can be done, and it reduces your levels of stress and brings you peace. They see this in the happy, competent, and sane way that you live and operate; and you will experience a pleased acceptance of yourself by others because of this. You are, each one of you, consciously intending and being loving and peaceful presences, thus changing the world and dissolving the illusion. For this you are greatly honored.

With so very much love, Saul.

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