Can Your Body Talk to You?

If you have ever wondered if your body can talk to you, the answer is yes.

listen to your body

listen to your body

Your body is always talking to you, it is just that most of the time you are not listening or paying attention.

You listen to the body when you are hungry or thirsty, tired or in pain. The pain signals you that something is not right and needs to be looked at.

Learn the language of your body and keep watch for the signs that your body is giving you. We often talk about listening to our gut feeling or that we resonate with something. That something can be a person or a thing.

Your body talking is a two-way street. You are listening to your body and your body is listening to you. That means your body is always listening to your inner chatter, your thoughts.

This quote is so simple but also profound:

“Thoughts become things … choose good ones” ~

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