Anger Is Power – Use It Constructively

In 2006 I came across an article about ‘Anger’ in the ‘Health’N Vitality’ magazine #39 I strongly resonated with it that I created a collage as my way of presenting the information. You can use Anger both destructively and constructively.

anger is power
Anger is Power

Most of the time we view anger as a negative emotion.

Anger is Power because it is a pathway to healing

With understanding, acceptance and steps to healing, anger can be healthy. Healthy anger leaves the individual, not the unbridled emotion, in charge.

The energy of anger is meant to empower you to solve the problems and heal the injuries in your life. Accepting anger provides you with the opportunity  to get to know yourself and your ‘hurts’.

Anger and the immune system: If you suppress one, you may suppress the other.

Anger is a message that whatever is hurting needs healing. Anger, therefore, is a necessary emotion. It is a powerful energy that can be used to discover and heal what is hurting you.

Anger is the emotion of movement. It you stay in it or deny its presence, it destroys you.

The healthful way to experperience anger are as individuals as the hurts waiting to be healed. You cn each find your way trhough accepting that anger is powerful in healing.

The key is to express it and then let it go, so that it doesn’t fester or build or escalate out of control.

We have all heard that counting to 10 before taking action when angry is preferred to exploding in anger. As a practioner of Energy Medicine, I also find that taping the meridian points while angry will help calm you down.

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