18 Awesome Health Remedies

plugged up noseI came across these 18 very helpful health remedies that you can appy yourself,  in my Facebook stream and did some research of where they came from.  They are from an article that appeared in MensHealth.com in 2011. (Download as PDF file: Health Remedies at Men’s Health)

  1. If your throat tickles, scratch your ear!
  2. Experience supersonic hearing!
  3. Overcome your most primal urge! – Need to pee?
  4. Feel no pain!
  5. Clear your stuffed nose!
  6. Fight fire without water!
  7. Cure your toothache without opening your mouth!
  8. Make burns disappear!
  9. Stop the world from spinning!
  10. Unstitch your side!
  11. Stanch blood with a single finger!
  12. Make your heart stand still!
  13. Thaw your brain!
  14. Prevent near-sightedness!
  15. Wake the dead!
  16. Impress your friends!
  17. Breathe underwater!
  18. Read minds!


18 awesome self remedies

Download as PDF file: Health Remedies at Men’s Health


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