10 Surprising Ways YOU Can Shed the Pounds and Get Fit

For years we have been told to eat a low fat diet, exercise long and hard daily to lose weight. What if that advice is just plain wrong?

bullet proof coffee

bullet proof coffee

Since discovering the “low carb, high fat” way of eating, the pounds have been falling off me and I am much healthier than ever.

The writer of this article from the Daily Mail in the UK came to the same conclusions. It might be time to give it a try. Don’t be surprised when your dietician thinks that you have gone nuts when you tell them that this is the way you are eating now.

  • You eat fish, meat, avocados and macadamia and other high fat nuts
  • Your breakfast drink has butter and coconut oil in it and no cream or milk
  • You stay away from fruits as much as possible
  • Dark bitter vegetables are best
  • You never eat an egg white omelette or potatoes
  • You love to eat coconut in all its varieties
  • You eat the highest fat containing yogurt like Greek yoghurt

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