Reboot Tapping Quick Start Guide

The power to change your life at your finger tips – a quick start guide for Reboot Tapping, the emotionally focused and memory centered technique that is taking the world by storm. This is a significantly and scaled down version … Continue reading

Anger Is Power – Use It Constructively

In 2006 I came across an article about ‘Anger’ in the ‘Health’N Vitality’ magazine #39 I strongly resonated with it that I created a collage as my way of presenting the information. You can use Anger both destructively and constructively. … Continue reading

Meridian Tapping – Letting Go

My friend Marina just put out a new video about Meridian Tapping and letting go. I also have been wondering about the phrase: “let it go”. Is it a command? Is it an allowing? The more I am learning about … Continue reading