Wellness is a Condition of the Mind, Body and Soul

Marlies Cohen - Holistic Wellness MavenWellness encompasses your whole state of being. To stay healthy all aspects of yourself have to work in harmony with each other:

  • Physical you – your body What makes it feel good and what makes it hurt. Learn to listen to your body when it communicates?
  • Emotional you – your feelings Which people or activities cause you to feel happy, loving, connected, and which create feelings of anger, fear and depression?
  • Mental you – your thoughts Which thoughts make you smile and feel good, and which bring a frown or cause your muscles to tighten?
  • Spiritual you – your spirit What causes you to feel inner peace, joy, a sense that all is right with the world? Be aware of your intuitive thoughts which guide you to your brightest good and bring the gift of creativity.

The main focus of this site is on a holistic self-care approach to physical and emotional wellness. I’ll explain more here in the about me section.

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